Magnum Photography Awards

Magnum, the well known photography agency, recently announced the winners of their annual photography contest. While the list contains many genres and photographers from around the world, I was struck by the photojournalism winner, Jason Florio. He traveled with NGOs helping immigrants largely in floundering boats trying to make their way to Greece and peace. Florio’s pictures have a power that I cannot shake…

Darkroom Gallery’s “Pathways and Passages” Exhibition

For the second time this year Darkroom Gallery accepted one of my works for exhibition in Essex Junction, Vermont. I feel flattered and honored that Stephen Perloff, editor of The Photo Review and The Photo Collector, accepted my “NYC-1”. The exhibition runs from August 17 through September 10, 2017.

CPA Members’ Juried Exhibition

I am pleased and flattered that The Center for Photographic Art’s jurors  included my “Lunch” in the online edition of their Members 2017 Juried Exhibition.  The exhibition opens tonight, July 22, 2017, with a reception for the artists. The reception is open to the public from 5 to 7pm at the Sunset Center in Carmel. The exhibition will hang in CPA’s gallery until September…

“Harvey Milk”

Sunday, June 25, 2017. Once again, San Francisco  Pride provided wonderful photographs, and, as usual, most were found away from the parade, into the throngs.  

Walking in the Rain

  Wind, rain, and fading light drive walkers into shops, bars, restaurants or homes. Wind mangles umbrellas and lifts ponchos, rain turns hair into shining wet streaks, and puddle splashes fill shoes. Passing cars throw water onto tailored suits. Those who can, run for shelter, the rest resign themselves to the elements.

More Fun at Folsom

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair keeps on giving. For unrestricted fun it cannot be beat. See you there on Septerber 24.  

Hard Day’s Night

                                  The Lexington Avenue subway in New York bounces, screeches, whines, and groans from South Ferry to 125th St in East Harlem. Every day 1.3 million passengers suffer the indignities of the noise, the starts and stops, and the peccadillos of fellow travelers. For many the subway ride provides a…

Dionysus (Bacchus) & Folsom St

The Greeks held Dionysian Rites and the Romans enjoyed their Bacchanalia. We have the Folsom Street Fair and other debauches in San Francisco. Most celebrants carry wide smiles and little else. I, on the other hand , am grossly overdressed for the celebration. Who knows, we always have 2017’s version of the Fair. Highly recommended for shedding inhibitions.

Joy on Market!

Rarely do we find the perfect pose, the short-lived gesture, the conspiracy of joy on the street. We capture the pathos of the poor, the head-down walk of the harried, and the stress in faces of all kinds. When we get the rare joyous opportunity we often miss the shot. But when we receive the gifts of light and time it’s a delight. Cheers…

Why I Photograph the Homeless and Dispossessed?

 Part 3 of 3 It’s a cool, cloudy day in San Francisco. I can feel a chill under the shade cast by buildings and clouds. An apparently homeless man sits near a steam vent trying to get warm in the wet, billowing cloud. Head down, he appears asleep. Imake a picture and walk away. Street life first grabbed me and my camera’s attention years…