For the first few years of my life my family followed my father, a Marine pilot, to several duty stations until his premature death. I had just passed my second birthday. Years of upheaval, and a stint in Viet Nam, found me following in my father’s footsteps.
While in Viet Nam a friend loaned his camera to me, and with it I found a new way to see the world – through a lens. Since then, I have always had a camera nearby and find a certain comfort in viewing the world through my photos.
I made the usual photos of family, friends, etc.…  Overtime, I found my interests turning to photographs of life on the streets and urban environments.  With camera in hand, I feel a sense of curiosity as I walk the city streets, capturing people living their everyday lives. Each picture I capture carries a story, however small.  I offer my photos for you to complete the stories as you see them.
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